Moving Box Types

Corrugated to Slotted Moving Box in Tampa, FL.

Regular Slotted Carton (RSC)

The most common box style. The Regular Slotted Carton is made from a one piece blank, where the outer flaps meet at the centre of the box.

Because there is very little manufacturing waste, the RSC is a highly efficient and economical box to manufacture.

Moving boxes in Clearwater, FL.

Full OverLap Carton (FOL)

This style is made from a one piece blank, where the outer flaps overlap the full width of the box.

The Full Overlap box is especially resistant to rough handling and ideal for boxes with relatively narrow widths.


Moving boxes in St. Petersburg, FL.

Telescoping Top & Bottom (PTD or FTD)

This box style is made from 2 pieces - one body blank and one lid blank. Both corrugated pieces are shipped flat and can be assembled using stitches, staples, or adhesive to adhere the corners.

Slotted moving boxes in Clearwater, FL.

Half Slotted Cartonwith Lid(HSC & Tray)

Similar to the PTD or FTD, the lid on this model of box extends a maximum of 2/3 the full height of the box.

Also, the carton s flaps are located on the bottom of the box.

Corrugated boxes in Tampa, FL. Five Panel Folder (FPF)

The Five Panel Folder box is made from a one piece corrugated blank with five panels.

Moving boxes in Tampa, FL.

One-Piece Folder (OPF)

This box style is made from a one piece blank with all four corners "cut out". The outer flaps usually meet in the center of the the box.


Topless boxes perfect for under bed storage.

Trays & HSC s

These topless boxes are excellent for:

  • storage boxes
  • bottles
  • parts containers
  • etc.

Corrugated cardboard boxes in Clearwater, FL.


Plain sheets of corrugated cardboard cut to your specificications.

Pads are often used to separate layers of product within a box

Partition inserts found on our online store.


Intersecting sheets of corrugated board create a Partition. Like Pads, Partitions are used to separate items within a box.

Partitions are especially suited to packaging fragile contents.